News Flash: Breast Cancer Researchers Call for Boycott of Komen Foundation and American Cancer Society. Boycott American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen Foundation for their cover-up of the bra-cancer link.  Send them your bra, not your money!

Killer Culture: Are you sick of being sick?

Sydney Ross SingerAre you sick of being sick? We are all victims of culturogenic, or culture-caused, disease. Modern culture and the unhealthy lifestyles it has created are the leading cause of sickness and death in the world today. From birth to death, our culture owns us, defines us, and programs us to do things that defy our natural health needs. But we don’t need to be victims anymore.

We are Applied Medical Anthropologists, pioneers of a new field of wellness care.  We research the many ways our cultural can be harmful to people, animals, and the environment, and believe that nature knows best, and that changing harmful, culturally ingrained attitudes and behaviors is the key to a more healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Making healthy changes to your lifestyle will not only improve your life. It will also help reduce healthcare costs by preventing disease, reducing the need for disease detection and treatment. But change can be difficult, especially when the culture is invested in providing products and services that make you sick, and has a medical industry that profits from treating the resulting sickness.

Our mission is to help create a better you, and a better society. We do this by giving you the resources you need to break through the cultural shackles that bind your body, mind and spirit. Through insightful and original articles and research, Self Studies, and even Cultural Deprogramming at our Hawaii Lifestyle Retreat Center, you will have the resources you need to become empowered to improve your life, health, and happiness.

Boycott of Komen Foundation and American Cancer Society


Don't Send Them Money, Send Them Your Bra! Does wearing constrictive bras for long periods of time daily contribute to breast cancer? It does, according to at least 5 research studies and numerous healthcare providers, including oncologists and … [Continue reading]

TABOOBS– The Leading Cause of Breast Disease


In the age of reason, there is no room for taboos, especially about the human body. Taboos veil the body in mystery and superstition, and prevent the scientific inquiry necessary for the advancement of human knowledge, including medical … [Continue reading]

Save Hawaii’s Egrets and Owls

Hawaiian Egret

(Editor's Note: Reposted from the Huffington Post.  Please see ISCD's Environmental Health Page for more details) A few years prior to Hawaii gaining statehood, the government released cattle egrets and barn owls as biocontrol agents to manage … [Continue reading]

Heads Up! The Way You Are Sleeping May Be Killing You!

Poor Sleep

Every one of us has a mysterious double life. For about two thirds of the time we are conscious beings, thinking about the world within and without, and negotiating our ways through the obstacles of life. For the other one third of the time we are … [Continue reading]

Breast Cancer Is Preventable

Bra Free

Bra-freedom is busting out all over! Women everywhere are discovering that wearing bras can make their breasts droopy and stretched out, and also cause cysts, pain, and cancer. For some women, enough said. The bra goes. It was the first thing they … [Continue reading]

Puking Pink

Corporate media lies

At the beginning of October, 2012,  KSHB Channel 41, an NBC TV station in Kansas City, MO, aired an interview with a spokeswoman from the Komen Foundation about breast cancer “myths”. This interview was also being sent around the Internet to be used … [Continue reading]

When You Think Pink, See Red


I must share something with you. I hate breast cancer awareness month. Every year the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen Foundation come begging the public for more money by frightening women with thoughts of breast cancer. The goal is … [Continue reading]

It’s About Women, Not Breasts

Women not Breasts

The most important thing to know about the breasts is that they are part of people. You cannot understand the breasts without understanding men and women, and how they treat their breasts. You can do lots of things with breasts. You can squeeze … [Continue reading]

High Pressure Medicine

Heart Attack

If you have been told you have high blood pressure (HBP) and have to take medication to lower your pressure, here is some information you may not know. First, 120/80 may not be a healthy pressure for you, personally. When you take blood … [Continue reading]

Does Looking Good Have to Feel Bad?


Hear Syd on the latest installment of Soul Journeys Radio. In this installment, Syd will discuss: Does looking good have to hurt? Why do we alter our bodies? (shaving, tattooing, piercing, body shaping clothing, cosmetics, plastic … [Continue reading]